The holy book RamCharita Manas says:

“sant hriday navneet samana, kaha kabinh pari kahai na jana.
Nij paritap dravai navneeta, par dukh dravahi sant supuneeta.”

meaning thereby that: the poets say the heart of the saints is very much like butter, but even they did not realize the truth, for butter melts only when it gets heat, but the kind heart of the saints melts simply by the pains of others…

Not only the discourses but the very life of our beloved Sant Sri, is dominated by the love for all. He is sensitive tolerant and concerned about the hunger/thirst and suffering of all living beings, be they birds or animals or even tiny creatures like the ants. He is of the view that the entire world is a manifestation of the supreme “Brahma”, therefore if you walk, walk with tenderness, if you touch something touch it gently, lovingly. One can easily comprehend the concern and empathy that Sant Shri must have for human beings, when his sensibilities are so keen for the inanimate objects of the world. On the one hand Sant Shri is enabling the steady progress

of his devotees on the path of spirituality, through his divine discourse, instiling the virtue of self sacrifice, compassion and generosity through  the social service rendered, thereby furthering the ideals of a noble society and on the other hand, the embodiment of compassion, Sant shri is facilitating the destitute and the needy with free modern medical aid and treatment, through the Sant Baba Asudaram Aarogyadham; established especially for those who cannot afford the rocketing expenditure incurred on consultation, tests and medicines etc.

The inauguration of the 4 storied Sant Baba Asudaram Arogyadham, took place on 15th September 2005, on the 45th Eternal Salvation Day of Sant Baba Asudaram Sahib. The hospital which is equipped with ultra modern medical equipments was inaugurated in the august presence of the Chief Medical Superintendent of King George’s Medical University, Sri Gurmeet Singh ji, Sai Manohar Lal ji, (grandson of Amar shaheed Sant Kanwarram sahibji) from Amravati, Swami Brahmanand ji from Ajmer, Swami Narayandas ji from Bairgarh, Bhopal, Peethaheeshwar Swami Ganga Das ji of Sai Jugatram Mission, Haridwar, by the founder director (Peethadheeshwar) Shiv Shanti Ashram, Lucknow, His holiness Sai Chandruram Sahib ji.

The director of the modern, well equipped, Sakhi Baba Maternity hospital, (at Pannoakkil, Sakkhar district, Pakistan), addressed the gathering on this occasion and threw light on the various services being rendered by the hospital with the blessings and inspiration of the reverend Saint. The CMO of KGMU, Sri Gurmeet Singh ji, too, addressed the gathering on the occasion and said that Sant shri has truly translated words into deed and has transcended race, caste, creed and country to serve god by serving humanity. Speaking on the occasion his holiness opined that “nothing is impossible or unattainable for those who have the good of others at heart.” In his views there is no greater comfort, no other duty greater than giving others happiness. He said that only those who worshipped God could work for the welfare of others, because the love of god, purifies their soul, makes them happy and content. Such people have no desires of their own. They become the strength and support for others. “Jo har jape, so har jeha, bhed na jano nanak deha”

Saints are a manifestation of god himself. Their hearts overflow with compassion. Thus they contribute and devote liberally; the services of their body, mind, time and speech. Within their heart’s is the name of god and without is humility, charity, self-lessness and sacrifice. Their speech is such that it alleviates the worries and troubles of others or fulfils their desires.Motivated with this compassionate feeling of alleviating the pain of others, Sant Shri has established the Aarogyadham. He said that Sant Baba Asudaram Aarogydham was the command of the divine, which he had obeyed, that the welfare of others secured our wellbeing.Quoting from the Guru Granth Sahib, his holiness said, “santon ke kaaraj aap khaloya, har kam karavan aaya ram” Thus that which is willed by the almighty finds its ways of fulfillment. He reminisced that the Governor, Sri Vishnu Kant Shastri, who had visited the Ashram once, exclaimed on seeing the progress of the services rendered by the Ashram, that, the tasks were bound to be successful since they were associated with the name of the great Saint himself.

His holiness also elaborated that it is the holy association and blessings of the saints that the familial bonds prosper and are instilled with the sense of social welfare. In serving others we help ourselves, because if we serve others our sorrows diminish, if we give away money/wealth our wealth increases, if we remember and serve god with all our heart, we will receive peace and contentment, and experience bliss. This is what we gain from the association with saints.

Today, thousands of people are availing the medical services of the Sant Baba Asudaram Arogyadhaam.It is an institution of compassion and caring for those in pain.An overwhelming majority of our patients come from the low-income groups, who are given full medical treatment at subsidised rates. For poor patients the entire treatment is free of charge.The hospital is run on a no profit no loss basis.Quite naturally,this policy places great pressure on the hospital's finances.And since we receive no government funding,we are dependent on the compassion and understanding of well-wishers and donors,to carry forward our missionof hope.Donors want charity promtions to clearly and specifically describe what the organization is and what it does.Hence the entire data is maintained by the Sant Asudaram Parmaarth Medical Trust. At present 21 doctors and medicos are administering medical services in the following fields:

Pathology, X-Ray, Ultra-sound, Gynecology, Physiotherapy, E.N.T., Dental medicine, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmology and O.P.D.

The patients can opt either Ayurvedic or Allopathic or homeopathic course of treatment. About 200 patients attend the out patient unit every day. Allopathic drugs are bought from the market and given free to the patients. The classical Ayurvedic medicines are also given free to the patients.Working selflessly, fearlessly, dedicated & committed to alleviate & ameliorate the sufferings of mankind, irrespective of religion, caste, colour or creed, that's the essence of Mahavir International. well encapsulated in its short but universal motto. "Love all Serve all"!The organization has been steadfastly working in this direction, and constantly innovating to reach their desired objectives.
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