In the holy scripture “Devi Mahatmya”, the Divine Mother says : “Ithham yada badha danvottha bhavishyati, tada tada avtiyahim karishyamarishyam. ” (11/54-55)Whenever there will be obstacles and disturbances, due to the emergence of demons, I will descend to earth as an incarnation to destroy the demonic enemies
With the invasion and intrusion of other religions and beliefs on the perennial, “sanatan dharma” and values, the general populace was enshrouded and overpowered by the demons of “lobh”- greed and lust, “moh”-attachment, “mad”-pride, “matsar”- “ahankar”-arrogance, “swarth”-selfishness and “jadta”- baseness. At such a juncture of time Reverend Mother, (lovingly called Mata Sahib), took birth in the humble home of Bhai Motiram ji, in Redhin village of Pannoakkil district, in the state of Sindh, in the then undivided India. As the life-partner, the better half of the spiritually evolved, devout Sant Baba Asudaram Sahib, her holiness, led a saintly life, serving mankind with motherly affection, kindness and selfless service. Her holiness contributed her spiritual powers and efforts in re-establishing the perennial faith- yugdharma.
The young Bainsar Bai, the daughter of Bhai Motiram ji, was a cheerful child. Clear-hearted and peaceful, she was meticulous i work, right from early childhood. due to the rural

and rustic background and adverse circumstances, her formal education was. bare minimum, in terms of ‘worldly’ education. Her father Bhai Motiram ji, was the chief sewadaari of Rev. Sant Kanwar Ram ji. When Bainsar Bai attained the marriageable age, her father spoke to his SatGuru, Sai Kanwar Ram Sahib and expressed the desire to find a suitable match for his daughter and thus fulfill his responsibilities. To which the omniscient master Sant Kanwar Ram sahib ji, gleefully commanded his able disciple, Asudaram, to enter the “grahasth ashram”, the holy bond of matrimony. Rev Bhagat Sahib performed the duties of the groom’s father. He greeted and blessed the bride and the groom, to the pleasant surprise of the congregation. On being asked why he was congratulating the bride so, he answered that a bride who gets a “Shiv Swarup” groom is certainly worthy of acclamation.
The daily routine of her holiness was quite remarkable. She would arise in the wee hours of the morning, (amrit bela) and sit in meditation. She would then begin the daily household chores of sweeping, dusting, cleaning, chopping vegetables, boiling the milk, attending to the supplies and requirements from the kitchen store, attending to the cooking and preparation of food and Prasad, distribution of the same, looking after the guests, devotees members of the household and providing refreshments etc., cleaning, washing the utensils, washing the clothes and linen of the esteemed guests, saints, sifting and sieving the grains, sewing and stitching, making arrangements for “thadal or bhang” in the evening and also “sonth” dry ginger water, which was filled in pots to be taken by all the villagers, making arrangements for “hukka” for the “sangat” or congregation, arranging for firewood etc during winters, making arrangements for the lodging and stay of the guests or congregation, caretaking of the Holy Darbar Sahib, giving practical and spiritual advice and guidance to the womenfolk who visited her, resolving their problems, and at the same time performing the duties of a mother in bringing up and looking after her progeny. She seemed to do all this with relentless and renewed love, strength and spirit. It was as though the entire responsibility of looking after the people was hers. All others were just guests. The divine mother spent her entire life following this regimen with relentless energy, driven by an equally relentless love and devotion. The fervour found in ordinary mortals in pursuit of a hobby, that usually lasts a few days, was displayed by Mata Sahib in all her actions, all her life. Her tolerance was boundless. Not a shred of sloth. Never an idle moment and yet she was peaceful and cheerful. Always meditative. Any task she took up was put down only when it was completed. Whatever she contemplated or desired saw immediate miraculous fulfillment. For instance, she would send someone for an empty sack, in order to get grains from the market, and before she could do so, some devotee or the other would be at the doorstep with a sack-full of the same. She personally cooked the food for the devotees that thronged her home, and it was so delicious that it compelled the diners to lick their fingers. She insisted that the guests stay on for a day or two before they returned to their distant homes. She would always be eager to extend the utmost hospitality. Mata Sahib was extremely conscientious; she never sought help or service from others. Even when she visited others at a satsang, she would usually find something to do. The smallest of tasks was met with the greatest of regard from her. It was as though she wished to teach us through her life that the smallest of deeds can be done with the greatest of devotion and incorporate the greatest of virtues and values of life. She disliked unnecessary expenditure or wastage. She was careful about saving and conserving resources. She would often instruct that the utensils be washed with a bucketful of water and not more. She was adept in making the best out of waste and recycling or putting into use, discarded things in a remarkably innovative and intelligent manner. Even on the last day of her life, she was making a ball out of the yarn from an ancient (50 -60 year old) rug, used in the time of Sakhi Baba ji. She did not let go of the attitude of self-less service till her dying breath. She gave (charity) with an open hand. She never withdrew her hand from helping others. It was she, who served and guided the “Sangat” for a full 30 years after the demise of Rev Sakhi Baba ji. She opined that if one was seeking peace then he ought to stop looking at other’s faults, rather one must seek one’s own faults. One must learn to accept the world as one’s own. No one is a stranger. The entire world is one big family. She sought and saw the Divine in every soul. Her Teaching was: “Serve All and Be Humble”

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