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Amar Shaheed Sant Kanwarram Mission

The first birth centenary of the crowning glory of Sindh Amar Shaeed Sant Kanwarram Sahib ji was celebrated with great fervor, in 1985, in the district of Amravati, state of Maharashtra. Several well reputed saints and gurus of the Sindhi community in India, attended these celebrations. In one of the meetings/ seminars conducted during the centenary celebrations, Sant Sai Chandruram Sahib ji, of Shiv Shanti Ashram, reiterated that the followers of Sant Kanwarram Sahib ji had established centres all over India, in their own towns and celebrated his birth anniversary and associated festivals regularly, every year, not only that they had established rest houses, colleges, orphanages, and Darbars, thus serving the community in varied forms, enthusiastically. His holiness suggested that all these individual units of social service organizations, should be united as in a string of pearls, for their concerted efforts and better organization could move mountains. This suggestion was welcomed by all the saint heads present, but nothing came of it for a number of years.

The foremost disciple of Amar Shaheed Sant Kanwarram Sahib, and the worthy son of Sant Baba Asudaram Sahib, Sai Chandruram Sahib ji, was inflamed with the desire to bring together all the devotees working and serving the society under the banner of the noble saint Kanwarram Sahib. This had been his yearning for years now. Therefore, once again in the year 2000, his holiness brought up the suggestion before the grandson of Sant Kanwarram, residing in Amravati, Sant Manoharlal Sahib, Sai Jashnlal Sahib and Sant Hardasram Darbar’s (Jalgon), Sai Gelaram Sahib, and won their approval, taking the responsibility, of carrying out this great task, on himself.

An appeal, on behalf of the aforementioned saints, was made to the various organizations, to collectively assemble for a summit/congregation on the auspicious occasion of Ramnavmi, falling on 1st April, 2001. Representatives were sent out to various states and cities of the country based on the information gathered from the aforementioned holy saints. The representatives carried the information to various corners of the country, giving invitations and taking consents from participating organizations.114 representatives from 54 organizations of 36 cities took part in the summit that was held on 1st April 2001 at Shiv Shanti Ashram, Lucknow. The participants were overwhelmed with the efforts and arrangements and effusively praised the concept of the congregation. All the representatives present came to the conclusion that a new organization under the supervision of the reverend saints should be formed, and gave their consent for the same.

Thus a new organization with the name of “Amar Shaheed Sant Kanwarram Mission” came into being. The following were nominated with the unanimous consent of all:

Chief Convenor: Sai Sadhram Sahib of Rohadki, Sindh, and Sai Manoharlal Sahib of Amravati.

Conserver: Sai Gelaram Sahib of Jalgaon and Sai Vasdevlal of Faizabad.
Sant Chandruram Sahib was elected as Founder and Director and was requested to nominate and appoint his assistants in the mission. The following appointments were made:

Chief Convenor: Sai Sadharam Sahib, Rahdki Sahib,(Sindh), Sai Manoharlal Sahib, Amravati (Maharashtra)

Conserver: Bhai Gelaram, Jalgaon (Maharashtra), Bhai Vasdevlal Veerani, Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Vice Chairman: Nanakram Israni, Ajmer, Rajasthan

Secretary: Satyanand Svlani, Raebareli (Uttar Pradesh)

Finance officer: Bhagwan Das Khetrapal, Lucknow (UttarPradesh)


Maharashtra: Jaiprakash Hardasram Hasvani, Amravati; Gopidas Pandit Chattani, Yavatmal; Bannaram Kewalram Parvani, Akola; Rochaldas Daumal Tolvani, Aurangabad; Sakhawat Rai, Kalyan

Gujarat: Teekamdas B. Vasvani, Bhavnagar; Govindram Chandvani, Vadodara; Shamandas Manjar, Palitana

Chhatisgarh: Gurmukhdas Wadhwa, Rajanandgaon; Moolchand Prithvani, Raipur

Rajasthan: Girdharilal Panjwani, Kota; Leelaram Rajwani, Bikaner; Govindram Moolchandani, Jodhpur

Madhya Pradesh: Satyapal Davani, Dabra; Govindram Duhlani, Jabalpur; Balramdas Lalwani, Satna; Amarlal Hablani, Indore

Uttar Pradesh: Menghraj Khattri, Faizabad; Vishan Kumar Rupani, Varanasi; Nanakchand Lakhmani, Lucknow

West Bengal: Madhavdas Madnani, Kolkatta

Delhi: Rajkumar Anandani, Delhi.

After the nominations of the office bearers, each of the societies and organizations which had been working independently so far, were asked to fill up the registration or membership form/charter.

After persistent and concerted efforts, today 109 societies are associated with the mission, expressing their faith in the leadership of his holiness, thus working in unison to further the noble motives of the mission.

Aims of the Mission:
1. To propagate the ideals, deeds, and biography of Sant Kanwarram among people at large.
2. Carry out all such relevant activities as may be necessary and beneficial in fulfilling the aims of the mission.

Relevant Activities:
1. To assimilate associations and organizations working to further the name of Sant Kanwarram Sahib
2. To grant support, strength, cooperation in the tasks already undertaken by such existing organizations and ensure their growth.
3. To Establish a museum in honour of Sant Kanwarram Sahib. (To collect each object associated with him so as to immortalize his memory)
4. To get the biography of the Saint included in the syllabi
5. To get postage stamps released; in memory of the saint
6. To get a telefilm made/produced
7. To get the biography of the Saint published in Hindi in the form of a book
8. To issue a Biography (pamphlet/ booklet)
9. To institute and award Sant Kanwarram Prize in education.
10. To Celebrate and commemorate the Birth Anniversary and Eternal Salvation Day of the Saint, organize programmes and send representatives, propagators, and satsang troupes.

The foremost workers of the Sindhi community are with us today in materializing the ideals of Sant Kanwarram Sahib. They have contributed in establishing grand rest houses, schools and colleges, Homes for the Aged, hospitals, cow farms, water fountains (jal ashrams) and grand Darbars, in various states, towns and cities of India. On our travels to various states of the country, we were also assured of cooperation by various enthusiastic volunteers, who pledged their support in fulfilling the aims of the Mission. All the organizations working under the banner of Amar Shaheed Sant Kanwarram Sahib, feel enthused and inspired for they have been blessed by the revered saints, their sole aim today is to carry forward the mission, self-less service and noble deeds of Sant Kanwarram Sahib, continue the services he once began for the welfare of the poor.This in turn will ensure the benign grace of such great saints and “karmyogis”, in our lives. Every office bearer and associated society, is committed to somehow achieve the aims elucidated by the noble saint and the mission.

1. 109 societies were assimilated
2. A brief life sketch of the saint entitled “Messiah of Humanity” “Manavta ke Massiha” 100 collages/portraits of the dimensions of 5 x 3’ were installed at all the places associated with the saint
3. The top scorers of the Intermediate examinations for the year 2004; namely- Anurag Tripathi-Kanpur, Rahul Lakhmani-Lucknw, Sarika Goel- Meerut, Riti Gupta- Kanpur; were honoured with a cash prize, certificate of merit, “Sriphal”, a souvenir and a shawl

In the name of Sant Kawarram Sahib, today India has…

1. Jayanti/Nirvan Divas (anniversary celebrations) - 75
2. Dharmshalas/Rest Houses - 54
3. Jal Ashram (water Fountains) - 50
4. Statues - 40
5. Darbars - 35
6. Schools/colleges - 12
7. Hospitals - 03
8. Orphanages - 01
9. Homes for the Aged - 01

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